“A story so powerful you’ll not want it to end.”

The Growing-Tree, A Novel

Gwen has been writing short stories, poetry, and affirmations for more than thirty years. The Growing-Tree is her first novel.

“A story about family, life, and the connection we all have to nature and one another. It’s about Lizzie Young, struggling to find her place and voice within a strong family dynamic.”

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“Award-Winning Finalist in the Fiction: Inspirational category of the 2019 Best Book Awards sponsored by American Book Fest”


“A beautiful story about a healing journey. While reading, it evoked a feeling of sharing stories with supportive friends by a warm fire over tea and cookies. It inspired me to look at my own healing journey in a different way. Highly recommend.”

Julie A., Amazon Purchaser

“This is a story, beautifully depicted, about hope, family, and finding ones self. Through the love of her grandmother, Lizzi must find a way to overcome her own demons from the past in order to find a way to grow and mature in her own right for the sake of herself and family. This book took great courage to write and gives us, the reader, an insight to our own selves. A story so powerful you’ll not want it to end. Thank you Gwen for this beautiful story.”

Amazon Purchaser

“Powerful, challenging, and vividly written.”

Roger Z., Resident Book Review

“This is a beautiful story of literally getting to the root of the problem and finding a way to heal. Full of unique prose and passion, Gwen tells the fictional story of how Lizzie finds the strength to overcome her challenges and start fresh.”

Linda F., Amazon Purchaser


Lizzi Young lives in a small New England town with her husband, two teenage sons, and four dogs. At forty-four years old she finds herself living the life she dreamed of, but something has been stirring beneath the foundation of safety and security on which she has built her life and family. A passing spring storm reveals a hole in her beautiful backyard, and Lizzi begins to question the solid foundation she has depended on all these years. Roots from a large oak tree, cut down several years earlier, have finally disintegrated, collapsing within and exposing the past devastation to the light of day.

This discovery comes on the heels of her extended family becoming bitter and estranged after the death of her grandmother, Gigi, three years earlier. As they attempt to drag her into the latest family saga that creates a clear divide in the ones she loves, it quickly becomes the most difficult decision she has ever had to make.

Unable to make sense of the emotional turmoil she feels for them and the strong stance not to get involved this time, she finds herself deep in the center of a long-ago buried issue. This groundbreaking breakthrough reveals her past in a whole new light, and she finds a new perspective on her beliefs and the family that raised her.

This hole is a catalyst for Lizzi to dig up her past and come to terms with the crumbling foundation of her family structure. Through childhood memories that flood her mind Lizzi struggles to face her own insecurities and is determined to heal this damaged part of her landscape and life.

Along with a little encouragement from her deceased grandmother, Gigi, insights from her quirky and elderly Aunt Eleanor, and an unlikely connection to a lonely neighbor, Lizzi finds the strength to rebuild her foundation and grow as an individual.

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