“Sure to become the next childhood classic.”

Lizzi Light the Star Fisher

The newest book by Gwen, Lizzi Light the Star Fisher is also Gwen’s first children’s book! Written with an impactful lesson in mind, children will be captivated by the enchanting story and illustrations. It’s a book sure to be loved by all who read it.


“Lizzi Light the Star Fisher is a magical, lyrical romp through the natural world. The beautiful illustrations and wonderful prose will transport children to a magical place.”

Sue G., Elementary School English Teacher

“The author weaves a truly magical story around a young girl named Lizzi Light. Lizzi is curious, independent, and fearless, but her youth requires still more to be learned. The central character and her beautifully illustrated journey is sure to become the next childhood classic.”

Georgia L.

“Lovely rhyming story. Beautifully illustrated.”

Cindy S., Amazon Purchaser


Lizzi Light’s curious and adventurous spirit brings her to questioning all of nature and her surroundings. From the clouds above to the stars that shine, nature sends her imagination soaring. One evening the shimmering night sky inspires her on a journey. Along with her friend “Mr. Hops with one ear that flops” she fishes the stars from the sky. Wishing them to be her new best friends and share with her all their secrets, she is unaware of the consequences of her actions. Very quickly she realizes that having them all to herself is not what she imagined and they are deeply missed by all the creatures of the night. She learns a lesson of compassion and sharing, knowing once and for all that nature’s beauty is for everyone to enjoy.

About the Illustrator

Amy Avery Smith is a life-long illustrator. She holds a BA in Fine Art and a BA in Film Production from the University of Rhode Island. She currently resides in Colorado with her husband and her two dogs.

To see more of her work, visit Amy’s Instagram page and her website.

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